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So much data is collected in the world of education. Here we collate and present some of the pieces we find most interesting. If there is data you think we should include, we'd love to hear from you.


Looking at the UK's educational performance through international data comparisons

Data Story

Maths: the UK’s PISA score has risen significantly

Matching the level of Germany, Norway and Finland

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Data Story

Science: ranked 14th by PISA, the UK is ahead of many European nations

Asian countries score most highly

Data Story

Reading: the UK’s PISA score is similar to the US and Australia

But behind Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore

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UK Data

Insight into the UK's education system through data

Data Story

Differences by constituency of over 250% in GCSE Maths and English grade 5+results

A graphical demonstration of the educational challenges faced in levelling up

Data Story

258% – Significant differences in the GCSE Maths and English results by Local Education Authority

Explore the data for your LEA

Data Story

Provisional Entries into STEM A-Level Subjects, 2020/21

A regional comparison of sex-based differences in student uptake of STEM subjects based on 2020/21 provisional entries data

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